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What Else?


I sort of feel like I should redo this cartoon.  It’s just a quick doodle but I hate the way the Hulk is holding the branch – and I feel like there should be way more marshmallows.

Venom… After Quesada


I was trying to re-create the famous Quesada Venom cover the other day – without the tongue – just by looking at the cover.  I love big and bulky characters and the way Joey Q draws Venom here is pretty damn awesome!


Spreading the Christmas Cheer…


One fence post at a time…

Doodle Thursday

Rejected cartoon ideas:



Doodle Thursday


Another ink run… this one was an exercise where you’re supposed to not take the pen off the page.  That’s super hard – so I did a few times.


Take that High Score Guy Wednesday


I have been visiting this Ms. Pacman arcade machine, located in downtown Plymouth, for a few months.  When I discovered this machine I saw the high score of 126550 and thought I could easily achieve those numbers.  Especially since the game was set on hyper mode where Ms. Pacman moves like she’s on a coke bender.


I had set rules I adhered to such as I could only play two times each visit.  I can remember 3 times where I had gotten close – one time in particular when Antone was with me and I was dividing my time between keeping an eye on him and kicking ass in this video game.  I hit 118320 in that instance – and I was even closer the next week when I reached 122640.

Today I visited the machine and on the first game I knew I was having a great game when I still 2 lives in the Banana round. I still retained those 2 lives three rounds later when I hit the dark blue level.  As soon as I hit the  level where the power pellets have no effect (other than changing directions of the ghosts) the game gets much more difficult – but I noticed I had hit a new high score already!


Price: $0.50 per play
Lives 3
High Score 126550
MY NEW High Score 128140

The new high score now stands  – this may be the pinnacle achievement of a life – even greater than the birth of my children and that time I watched the entire Cheers series in a matter of just 4 weeks.  BOOM!  Life is good!