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What Else?


I sort of feel like I should redo this cartoon.  It’s just a quick doodle but I hate the way the Hulk is holding the branch – and I feel like there should be way more marshmallows.


Venom… After Quesada


I was trying to re-create the famous Quesada Venom cover the other day – without the tongue – just by looking at the cover.  I love big and bulky characters and the way Joey Q draws Venom here is pretty damn awesome!


Spreading the Christmas Cheer…


One fence post at a time…

Doodle Thursday

Rejected cartoon ideas:



Doodle Thursday


Another ink run… this one was an exercise where you’re supposed to not take the pen off the page.  That’s super hard – so I did a few times.


Take that High Score Guy Wednesday


I have been visiting this Ms. Pacman arcade machine, located in downtown Plymouth, for a few months.  When I discovered this machine I saw the high score of 126550 and thought I could easily achieve those numbers.  Especially since the game was set on hyper mode where Ms. Pacman moves like she’s on a coke bender.


I had set rules I adhered to such as I could only play two times each visit.  I can remember 3 times where I had gotten close – one time in particular when Antone was with me and I was dividing my time between keeping an eye on him and kicking ass in this video game.  I hit 118320 in that instance – and I was even closer the next week when I reached 122640.

Today I visited the machine and on the first game I knew I was having a great game when I still 2 lives in the Banana round. I still retained those 2 lives three rounds later when I hit the dark blue level.  As soon as I hit the  level where the power pellets have no effect (other than changing directions of the ghosts) the game gets much more difficult – but I noticed I had hit a new high score already!


Price: $0.50 per play
Lives 3
High Score 126550
MY NEW High Score 128140

The new high score now stands  – this may be the pinnacle achievement of a life – even greater than the birth of my children and that time I watched the entire Cheers series in a matter of just 4 weeks.  BOOM!  Life is good!

An Unfortunate Happening

What is happening to people today – specifically men talking to women.  I was talking to a friend today who informed me she was at work answering a phone call.  She was letting the caller know the colors they had in stock of a certain shoe he inquired about.  Suddenly the conversation took a turn as the caller began to compliment her starting with how she “sounded beautiful”.  He then asked her if she was married – she lied and said she was seeing someone.  I was amazed at the brazen attitude of the man but he hadn’t really stepped over any line… yet.

The next thing she said shocked me.  As the man continued to flirt he suddenly went to the next level when he said “I’ll make your pussy so wet it will be like a river down there.”  My friend said she was so taken aback by his statement she almost asked him to repeat what he said – and then she shook the daze from her head and just hung up the phone.  “Why do guys have to be like that?” she asked.  “And who wants it that wet down there?” I said trying to make the situation a little lighter.


The truth was, though, to hear stories like this – and this kind isn’t rare – is so alarming.  When did men start thinking that this is how you talk to women?  When did men start thinking that this was the way to get women interested?  How are talking lewd and dick pics the go to move when a woman seems somewhat interested – or even worse – when the women don’t seem interested?  My friend and I continued discussing the topic.

“Has there ever been a scenario where you’ve changed your mind AFTER getting a dick pic?  Like, you tell a guy you’re not interested and then he sends the pic of his wiener and you are suddenly like ‘On the other hand… what are you doing on Tuesday?'”.

“Yeah…no.” she laughed.  “It’s not even a nice looking piece of the anatomy – I would rather see so many other parts rather than a dick.”

“So when did it start?  When did the dick pic become such a common practice?  What happened to guys just enjoying a conversation and working towards a relationship? Is that not where things are at anymore?”  Granted, I’ve been married for 10 years and I have children so maybe I am out of the loop – but I worry for my daughter when she grows up in a world where men think the way to a woman’s heart is a digital record of their nether regions.

Can we all agree that maybe we should calm things down?  Start with pictures of your smiles, then maybe a pic of you in a nice button up shirt, moving onto a pic of you in a form fitting t-shirt.  Have conversations about your favorite movies and breakfast cereal and hold off on the dirty talk.  Maybe wait for a dick pic until after the girl has requested it and you’ve asked back “Are you sure?” and “Really?  Is that really what you really want?” about a dozen times.