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CCI05242017_0019 (2)

I don’t usually enjoy putting topical (or not so topical in this case) ideas into my cartoons.  I’d rather create something more timeless… in this case it was an idea that was just too good not to put to paper.


A Prediction for Trump Supporters if he Pulls Off A Victory


Foreign Intruder…


This past Sunday I had some friends over for the Pats game.  As we were talking my friend remarked how I still have my wedding ring on – and was it possible for me to take it off?  I assured him it was although, being married for 10 years I wasn’t so sure.  I hadn’t tried in.. many, many years and, truth be told, the ring has become such a part of me I don’t even register it’s there anymore.

The inquiry made me think though and the following Monday I soaped up my hand and tried to yank it off – not all the way, mind you, because I knew if I did get it off the chances of getting it back on was slim.  I didn’t want to take it off – I just wanted to know I COULD get it off if I had to.  Well, it didn’t go so well and all I was left with was a red, sore finger that was even bigger than when I started.

I was curious enough that I decided to consult the one entity that has never let me down.  Google.  Google swooped in with an amazing response – I typed in a simple “How to get a tight wedding ring off” and up popped video after video of people wrapping their fingers in everything from dental floss to bandages and sure enough – tuck a small piece in the ring and start to unwind the string – the ring pops off.

For some reason I felt better knowing I could get the ring off if I needed to.  I’m not sure why – it’s not like divorce is on the docket or anything – but it just made me feel better to know that this piece of metal wasn’t “stuck” – that it is still in fact on me by choice and not because of the weight gain that has occurred over the years trapping it in place.

Yesterday Today 7.18.16


Waking up early has to be in the top 10 worst things that this life has to offer.  Nevertheless, I was awoken this morning by my little angel, Lex, who was spending the day with me.  We had to swing by B&B Auto to get an estimate to fix my car which my mother had backed into while it was sitting in my driveway.  A small knock that left little cosmetic damage but suddenly made my emergency lights, ie: check engine, ABS, emergency brake, all brightly lit on my dash.  That and the speedometer is now inoperative.  With my car not registering any movement the cruise control is also a loss as is the odometer.  I made a 38 mile trip and back with my speedometer reading 56,345.  The gentleman at B&B is pretty confident that it will be a quick fix and I will have a working, non-dented car within this week.



Me and the little darling stopped at a Duxbury Park and scanned the birds flying around there.  The list, unfortunately very short, is as follows:

Bobolink 1 male/6 female
Bank Swallow 4
Goldfinch 2
House Sparrow 2 male/6 female

The trip was still a blast though as Lex decided to jump from place to place while the ocean lapped the surface of the rocks.  It was refreshing to see as my daughter is not the adventurous type.  We left the park and made our way to my first show.






With my first show finished we met with my sister to have lunch at b*good, a little eatery that boasts the use of locally grown vegetables and locally farmed beef.  Lex was not a fan of the food though and instead just enjoyed snap chat with MPP.  We took off toward Hull to enjoy the day before my second show.  Arriving I was psyched to see an arcade hosting the classic Ms. Pacman.  The machine at Dream Machine in Hull, MA is well worn with a bit of waving on the screen but still plays like a charm!


Price: $0.50/$0.25 replay
Lives 3
Highscore 151980
MY Highscore 77620

After the arcade Lex and I went to the beach and I let her run around in the ocean for a bit.  We even made a trip to the playground right near the beach where Boots explored the swings and climbing structure.  Later we were on our way to dinner at Jake’s Seafood and I had another classic of summer, the lobster roll!  I take my lobster rolls very seriously and rate them in a few ways.  First off, the lobster roll was served with fries and coleslaw – the best (and only) way to serve the meal.  Already it was off to a good start.  With a price tag of $22.99 I was needing this lobster roll to live up to some high expectations.  A unique take on the roll, Jake’s serves it sans mayo but includes the condiment on the side for you to apply however little or much you’d like.  Nothing compares to fresh lobster though – and this was as fresh as ever!  The coleslaw could have been a bit sweeter but was decent enough.  I rate this lobster roll at Jake’s as follows:

Sides: Grade: Fries B-/Coleslaw C
Price: $22.99 Grade: B-
Taste: Grade: A



Leaving dinner to my second show proved to be a challenge as a fierce and unexpected rain storm began to pour down.  The second show was good.  Some very excitable kids in the audience made the show a bit of a challenge but overall the kids were laughing and left happy – so, no complaints!  A good Monday all together!

My Life is Complete Sunday…


Pretty sure this is exactly like pop rocks for breakfast – which I would eat everyday.

Coming to Terms Saturday


I’ve try never to get political on this blog.  I feel like my time is better spent than throwing my hat into the ring for a battle that neither side is willing to admit is majorly flawed.  I would rather not bang my head against the wall arguing with people who have had their minds made up and refuse to see any other side than the one that they have deemed as correct.  The problem for me is when facts get completely ignored… as in the case for this President and the job he has done for this country.  This is a blog that is truly insignificant as I get very little hits a day and it’s meant more as a personal diary that I can look back on.  So, in that vein, I’d like to look back, be it as a retiree just enjoying my life with my wife, and know that I was in support of a President who truly has earned all of my respect.

He truly seems to be fighting for the people of this country and even against insurmountable odds and a constant push back from his opponents he continues to try his hardest to fight the good fight. At some point people should look back and see that practically every promise that the President’s opponent made was delivered by the President himself.  If you can’t look at the state that the country is in and see the good  – even through political lines – then you have to admit, even if it’s to just yourself, that you blindly hate, hate that the country is winning because it’s not “your team” getting the credit.  It shouldn’t be that way – when things are going well we should revel in the good times – not find ways to twist the facts and make all the issues heading in the right direction seem like an insignificance.

So, I just want to take a moment to say thank you, thank you to the President for all he has done, all he is trying to accomplish and everything he still may do.  I support people, not on political lines, but for the person who seems to want the best for the people of this country.


Holy Cow Monday!


But seriously… if this is legit – this is AMAZING!

They got nothing on me Friday

I saw this blog featuring“11 of the most Clever and Bizarre Yearbook Quotes”.  I read through them all and chuckled to myself, thinking, “They must have never seen mine”:


Boom.  Mic drop.


“Dropping” Truth Nuggets Tuesday


It’s okay to admit it – when you’re home alone and some food accidently hits the ground – you totally pick it up and eat it.  Especially if it’s a Cool Ranch Dorito!  You can’t tell me you’re wasting that slice of deliciousness!