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What Else?


I sort of feel like I should redo this cartoon.  It’s just a quick doodle but I hate the way the Hulk is holding the branch – and I feel like there should be way more marshmallows.


Fishing #5


Finishing off the week of Spring (fishing) cartoons – the last, and best, of them!

Fishing #3


Yes, I had to redo this cartoon due to the grammatical error… it still bugs me that I made this mistake.  Ironic, though, because of what the fish is saying!

Happy First Day of Winter!

An early doodle of a later finished cartoon:
I always remember thinking this was funnier than anyone else ever did.  The thought process was that snowmen would not know what we usually use in the summer.  Then people told me they do use their grills in the summer… totally ruining my cartoon!
Not sure if this was any funnier – it still makes me laugh:
I need to create a Shel Silverstein inspired poem from this cartoon:
CCF12202012_0003 - Copy


Doodle Thursday


Another ink run… this one was an exercise where you’re supposed to not take the pen off the page.  That’s super hard – so I did a few times.