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This past Sunday I had some friends over for the Pats game.  As we were talking my friend remarked how I still have my wedding ring on – and was it possible for me to take it off?  I assured him it was although, being married for 10 years I wasn’t so sure.  I hadn’t tried in.. many, many years and, truth be told, the ring has become such a part of me I don’t even register it’s there anymore.

The inquiry made me think though and the following Monday I soaped up my hand and tried to yank it off – not all the way, mind you, because I knew if I did get it off the chances of getting it back on was slim.  I didn’t want to take it off – I just wanted to know I COULD get it off if I had to.  Well, it didn’t go so well and all I was left with was a red, sore finger that was even bigger than when I started.

I was curious enough that I decided to consult the one entity that has never let me down.  Google.  Google swooped in with an amazing response – I typed in a simple “How to get a tight wedding ring off” and up popped video after video of people wrapping their fingers in everything from dental floss to bandages and sure enough – tuck a small piece in the ring and start to unwind the string – the ring pops off.

For some reason I felt better knowing I could get the ring off if I needed to.  I’m not sure why – it’s not like divorce is on the docket or anything – but it just made me feel better to know that this piece of metal wasn’t “stuck” – that it is still in fact on me by choice and not because of the weight gain that has occurred over the years trapping it in place.

Doodle Thursday


Another ink run… this one was an exercise where you’re supposed to not take the pen off the page.  That’s super hard – so I did a few times.