And Just Like That… Kitties.



I have two cats.  Brodie Bruce and Potter-Girl.  These two kitties are still a joy to have around the house.  While Alexandra has never really seemed to show affection toward the kitties (I’ve tried to tell her she has to love them – they are basically her brother and sister) she does say she likes them but she I can remember one night, after she went to bed, I could hear her calling my name.  I made my way up the stairs and she sweetly says to me “Daddy, can you take Brodie out of my room.  I’m trying to sleep and he’s laying on my bed.”  That’s right, she didn’t want our eldest kitty to even be sleeping in her bed with her.




Maybe she will one day appreciate the furry members of our family like my wife and I do… but if not… well, she leaves for college in 12 years.




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