Boom – Some Comic Treasures

Went to go see my good friend John at his space in the flea market Sunday and I was able to snag about 2 dozen issues, some guest appearances, some cool variants and even a couple of harder to find Hulk issues.


I snagged quite a few Ultimate issues starring a grey Hulk and even a vampire Hulk.  I found Ultimate Comic Hawkeye issues #3 and 4, Ultimate Spiderman #131, Ultimate X  #1 (and the variant) and #5, Ultimate Origins #4 and 5, The Ultimates #8 and the Ultimate Avengers #2 and 3.


Also Agents of Atlas #8 and the variant to Avengers vs Agents of Atlas #1.  I love the variant cover as the Hulk is about to lay the smackdown on Gorilla-Man who tries, in vain, to subdue the Hulk with his little friend.  Uncanny Origins retells the origin of the Hulk who begins and ends the issue green even though he’s grey on the cover.  The Scarlet Spider finally beats Venom in Spiderman #53.


I was able to buy the Exiles issues I hadn’t been able to locate until now.  Issue #5 has the Hulk’s face raging on the side and Exiles #98 has a quick Hulk appearance after they picked up Spiderman 2099 from said universe. Tales of the Marvel Universe mentions the Hulk vs the Thunderbolts.  Alpha Flight has a wax Hulk in both issues #7 and 8.


Skaar, son of Hulk also had a short lived series and made his way though the MU for a while.  My personal favorite is the Leader variant cover but also the McGuinness Hulk cover can’t be beat.  A few more mentions are the Monsters on the Prowl issue where the Hulk and Thing take on overgrown subterranean creatures (including Groot) and Unlimited Access where DC and Marvel meet!


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