Yesterday Today 7.19.16

I brought my car to B&B after my show this mid-morning.  While he was grounding the loose wire I had time to walk over to DiNatale Seafood and grab a lobster roll for lunch.  They also had a stuffed quahog ready to go so I asked for one of them too.  Before I get into lobster roll itself I thought I’d share my “spreading my wings” moment.  I should preface this event with the fact that I have finally delved into Kitchen Confidential, a book I purchased back when FOX decided to make a 30 minute sitcom on the air based off this best seller starring the versatile Bradley Cooper.


In the book Anthony Bourdain, the author, describes a life changing event he had with ingesting an oyster.  His description is so intriguing it made me surf the seafood counter at DiNatale’s and pause at the chilled, silver pan containing the raw oysters.  Read for yourself in the passages below about Mr. Bourdain’s initial excursion into tasting this slimy creature from the depths of the sea:




Now, I have had all sorts of fried seafood but for the life of me I can’t recall if I’ve ever tried an oyster before.   Armed with the memory of Mr. Bourdain’s words I ordered 1 oyster.  When the nice lady behind the counter brought it to me she instructed me to squeeze a little lemon onto it and, if I really wanted to, add a bit of cocktail sauce to the submerged little slime pool.  I declined the added ingredients deciding to just take the plunge all pure.  I slurped and bit and swallowed just as I was told to and… it was good.  It was quick, salty and satisfying.  Overall, though, not life changing for me.  I’m not chucking everything to take up the culinary arts.  Sadly.

Now back to that lobster roll.  I was happy to see that it was only $11.99 but that was short-lived when I was told I had to choose between fries or coleslaw as a side.  I had to choose?!?!? What kind of devious torture is that?  I chose coleslaw because I have never had it from this place.  Ultimately, while still filling and yummy the whole meal was a bit… bland.  The lobster roll had small chunks of celery (or some other green veggie) littered into it and while it provided a bit of consistency it didn’t do much for the taste.  The coleslaw was suffering the same fate as Jake’s recipe did – a little too much vinegar and not enough sweet mayo.

Sides: Grade: Coleslaw C
Price: $11.99 Grade: A
Taste: Grade: C

After getting my car back I was told that the speedometer now works, most of the emergency lights no longer lit – all but the check engine light.  I have to bring it by another place to see if I can get that checked out and turned off.

When the family got home Lex went with me for another bout of learning to ride a 2-wheeler.  She did really well and actually can do it herself – but she’s lacking a bit of confidence.  She gets nervous when I let go of the handlebars and she stops peddling.  That, or she leans off to the right and sails too fast to the side for her comfort and puts her feet down to stop herself.  It was a real exercise in patience which I may come up short on today.  The frustrations comes from my knowledge that she CAN in fact do it with a bit of self confidence.  She did in fact ride it by self a few times and every time she stopped she would look to me and say “Did I just do it?”  I assured her she did and a big smile came across her face.


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