An Evening Conversation with my Wife

barbie“Would you cheat on me for $1,000,000?”

hulkface“Holy crap, yes!  A million dollars?  Absolutely!”

barbie“You’d really cheat on me?”

hulkface“Well, is it really cheating if I tell you after?  Cause I feel like I’d do it with the knowledge that I’d tell you right after.  I’d come home and say ‘Guess what?  I got made a million dollars today and all I had to do is sleep with someone!'”

barbie“Yes that’s cheating!  I can’t believe you’d cheat on me!”

hulkface“You know, I feel like I’m getting punished for wanting to provide for my family.”

barbie“So you’d be okay if I slept with someone else for a $1,000,00?”

hulkface“Yes!  In fact, I’d see if you could go back to get another million!”

barbie“No you would not!  You wouldn’t want to share me with anyone!”

hulkface“Is that what it is?  I’m so good you wouldn’t want to share my sexual prowess with anyone else?”


*Me with a shocked face*

shocked hulk face

barbie“Wait – that’s not what I meant-”

hulkface“Too late!  That cat’s out of the bag!”


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