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And Just Like That… Kitties.



I have two cats.  Brodie Bruce and Potter-Girl.  These two kitties are still a joy to have around the house.  While Alexandra has never really seemed to show affection toward the kitties (I’ve tried to tell her she has to love them – they are basically her brother and sister) she does say she likes them but she I can remember one night, after she went to bed, I could hear her calling my name.  I made my way up the stairs and she sweetly says to me “Daddy, can you take Brodie out of my room.  I’m trying to sleep and he’s laying on my bed.”  That’s right, she didn’t want our eldest kitty to even be sleeping in her bed with her.




Maybe she will one day appreciate the furry members of our family like my wife and I do… but if not… well, she leaves for college in 12 years.




Boom – Some Comic Treasures

Went to go see my good friend John at his space in the flea market Sunday and I was able to snag about 2 dozen issues, some guest appearances, some cool variants and even a couple of harder to find Hulk issues.


I snagged quite a few Ultimate issues starring a grey Hulk and even a vampire Hulk.  I found Ultimate Comic Hawkeye issues #3 and 4, Ultimate Spiderman #131, Ultimate X  #1 (and the variant) and #5, Ultimate Origins #4 and 5, The Ultimates #8 and the Ultimate Avengers #2 and 3.


Also Agents of Atlas #8 and the variant to Avengers vs Agents of Atlas #1.  I love the variant cover as the Hulk is about to lay the smackdown on Gorilla-Man who tries, in vain, to subdue the Hulk with his little friend.  Uncanny Origins retells the origin of the Hulk who begins and ends the issue green even though he’s grey on the cover.  The Scarlet Spider finally beats Venom in Spiderman #53.


I was able to buy the Exiles issues I hadn’t been able to locate until now.  Issue #5 has the Hulk’s face raging on the side and Exiles #98 has a quick Hulk appearance after they picked up Spiderman 2099 from said universe. Tales of the Marvel Universe mentions the Hulk vs the Thunderbolts.  Alpha Flight has a wax Hulk in both issues #7 and 8.


Skaar, son of Hulk also had a short lived series and made his way though the MU for a while.  My personal favorite is the Leader variant cover but also the McGuinness Hulk cover can’t be beat.  A few more mentions are the Monsters on the Prowl issue where the Hulk and Thing take on overgrown subterranean creatures (including Groot) and Unlimited Access where DC and Marvel meet!


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The Most Ironic Exclamation Point Ever?


Either that or the printer is in a texting fight with it’s signfiant other.

Yesterday Today 7.21.16

This morning I spent the a few moments trying to catch the elusive (elusive to me at least) green heron.  While I did not see the THAT heron I caught a glimpse of a juvenile black crowned night heron, a whole mess of mallards, and a pair of swans with 3 growing cygnets.  That wasn’t all of course, Lex and I saw all sorts of birds including a new sighting for me: a blue grey gnatcatcher.  The full list of what we saw is below.

Black Crowned Night Heron 1 (juvenile)
Mute Swan 1 male/1 female/ 3 cygnets
Goldfinch 3
Blue Grey Gnatcatcher 2
Cedar Waxwing 6+
Downy Woodpecker 1 Male
Blue Jay 4
Canadian Goose 12+
Mallard 20+


On my way to Bourne I was dreading the traffic.  Thankfully, I didn’t run into any issues driving and as I hit the rotary I knew I’d have time to stop at the American Lobster Mart.  I’ve enjoyed an annual visit every year now for the past 10 years at least. Upon entering the establishment it’s obvious that there was a new owner. It was cleaner and more beautiful for sure – but the prices were noticeably higher. Higher even for the market. It was a little depressing – mainly because I bought Lex a $5 hotdog and it came with French fries – I paid almost $20 and received a small bag of chips. The roll was simple and not toasted, the lobster meat was certainly good but mostly bland.  Anyways, here is the grade for the lobster roll:

Sides: Bag of Cape Cod Chips Grade: D-
Price: $18.99 Grade: D-
Taste: Grade: C-


An Evening Conversation with my Wife

barbie“Would you cheat on me for $1,000,000?”

hulkface“Holy crap, yes!  A million dollars?  Absolutely!”

barbie“You’d really cheat on me?”

hulkface“Well, is it really cheating if I tell you after?  Cause I feel like I’d do it with the knowledge that I’d tell you right after.  I’d come home and say ‘Guess what?  I got made a million dollars today and all I had to do is sleep with someone!'”

barbie“Yes that’s cheating!  I can’t believe you’d cheat on me!”

hulkface“You know, I feel like I’m getting punished for wanting to provide for my family.”

barbie“So you’d be okay if I slept with someone else for a $1,000,00?”

hulkface“Yes!  In fact, I’d see if you could go back to get another million!”

barbie“No you would not!  You wouldn’t want to share me with anyone!”

hulkface“Is that what it is?  I’m so good you wouldn’t want to share my sexual prowess with anyone else?”


*Me with a shocked face*

shocked hulk face

barbie“Wait – that’s not what I meant-”

hulkface“Too late!  That cat’s out of the bag!”


Yesterday Today 7.19.16

I brought my car to B&B after my show this mid-morning.  While he was grounding the loose wire I had time to walk over to DiNatale Seafood and grab a lobster roll for lunch.  They also had a stuffed quahog ready to go so I asked for one of them too.  Before I get into lobster roll itself I thought I’d share my “spreading my wings” moment.  I should preface this event with the fact that I have finally delved into Kitchen Confidential, a book I purchased back when FOX decided to make a 30 minute sitcom on the air based off this best seller starring the versatile Bradley Cooper.


In the book Anthony Bourdain, the author, describes a life changing event he had with ingesting an oyster.  His description is so intriguing it made me surf the seafood counter at DiNatale’s and pause at the chilled, silver pan containing the raw oysters.  Read for yourself in the passages below about Mr. Bourdain’s initial excursion into tasting this slimy creature from the depths of the sea:




Now, I have had all sorts of fried seafood but for the life of me I can’t recall if I’ve ever tried an oyster before.   Armed with the memory of Mr. Bourdain’s words I ordered 1 oyster.  When the nice lady behind the counter brought it to me she instructed me to squeeze a little lemon onto it and, if I really wanted to, add a bit of cocktail sauce to the submerged little slime pool.  I declined the added ingredients deciding to just take the plunge all pure.  I slurped and bit and swallowed just as I was told to and… it was good.  It was quick, salty and satisfying.  Overall, though, not life changing for me.  I’m not chucking everything to take up the culinary arts.  Sadly.

Now back to that lobster roll.  I was happy to see that it was only $11.99 but that was short-lived when I was told I had to choose between fries or coleslaw as a side.  I had to choose?!?!? What kind of devious torture is that?  I chose coleslaw because I have never had it from this place.  Ultimately, while still filling and yummy the whole meal was a bit… bland.  The lobster roll had small chunks of celery (or some other green veggie) littered into it and while it provided a bit of consistency it didn’t do much for the taste.  The coleslaw was suffering the same fate as Jake’s recipe did – a little too much vinegar and not enough sweet mayo.

Sides: Grade: Coleslaw C
Price: $11.99 Grade: A
Taste: Grade: C

After getting my car back I was told that the speedometer now works, most of the emergency lights no longer lit – all but the check engine light.  I have to bring it by another place to see if I can get that checked out and turned off.

When the family got home Lex went with me for another bout of learning to ride a 2-wheeler.  She did really well and actually can do it herself – but she’s lacking a bit of confidence.  She gets nervous when I let go of the handlebars and she stops peddling.  That, or she leans off to the right and sails too fast to the side for her comfort and puts her feet down to stop herself.  It was a real exercise in patience which I may come up short on today.  The frustrations comes from my knowledge that she CAN in fact do it with a bit of self confidence.  She did in fact ride it by self a few times and every time she stopped she would look to me and say “Did I just do it?”  I assured her she did and a big smile came across her face.

Yesterday Today 7.18.16


Waking up early has to be in the top 10 worst things that this life has to offer.  Nevertheless, I was awoken this morning by my little angel, Lex, who was spending the day with me.  We had to swing by B&B Auto to get an estimate to fix my car which my mother had backed into while it was sitting in my driveway.  A small knock that left little cosmetic damage but suddenly made my emergency lights, ie: check engine, ABS, emergency brake, all brightly lit on my dash.  That and the speedometer is now inoperative.  With my car not registering any movement the cruise control is also a loss as is the odometer.  I made a 38 mile trip and back with my speedometer reading 56,345.  The gentleman at B&B is pretty confident that it will be a quick fix and I will have a working, non-dented car within this week.



Me and the little darling stopped at a Duxbury Park and scanned the birds flying around there.  The list, unfortunately very short, is as follows:

Bobolink 1 male/6 female
Bank Swallow 4
Goldfinch 2
House Sparrow 2 male/6 female

The trip was still a blast though as Lex decided to jump from place to place while the ocean lapped the surface of the rocks.  It was refreshing to see as my daughter is not the adventurous type.  We left the park and made our way to my first show.






With my first show finished we met with my sister to have lunch at b*good, a little eatery that boasts the use of locally grown vegetables and locally farmed beef.  Lex was not a fan of the food though and instead just enjoyed snap chat with MPP.  We took off toward Hull to enjoy the day before my second show.  Arriving I was psyched to see an arcade hosting the classic Ms. Pacman.  The machine at Dream Machine in Hull, MA is well worn with a bit of waving on the screen but still plays like a charm!


Price: $0.50/$0.25 replay
Lives 3
Highscore 151980
MY Highscore 77620

After the arcade Lex and I went to the beach and I let her run around in the ocean for a bit.  We even made a trip to the playground right near the beach where Boots explored the swings and climbing structure.  Later we were on our way to dinner at Jake’s Seafood and I had another classic of summer, the lobster roll!  I take my lobster rolls very seriously and rate them in a few ways.  First off, the lobster roll was served with fries and coleslaw – the best (and only) way to serve the meal.  Already it was off to a good start.  With a price tag of $22.99 I was needing this lobster roll to live up to some high expectations.  A unique take on the roll, Jake’s serves it sans mayo but includes the condiment on the side for you to apply however little or much you’d like.  Nothing compares to fresh lobster though – and this was as fresh as ever!  The coleslaw could have been a bit sweeter but was decent enough.  I rate this lobster roll at Jake’s as follows:

Sides: Grade: Fries B-/Coleslaw C
Price: $22.99 Grade: B-
Taste: Grade: A



Leaving dinner to my second show proved to be a challenge as a fierce and unexpected rain storm began to pour down.  The second show was good.  Some very excitable kids in the audience made the show a bit of a challenge but overall the kids were laughing and left happy – so, no complaints!  A good Monday all together!