Overlooked Villain Wednesday…

I am pretty sure that every “best villains” list on the internet has Heath Ledger’s Joker as #1 villain of all time.  I don’t disagree that it was an amazing performance – one that should be close to the top, certainly, but I think there are more dastardly characters in the cinematic universe.  He hits the some of the perfect villain keys which are so important for the mythos of evil geniuses.  He has an ambiguous back story and an even more mysterious drive,a passion to do what he does.  Much like the brilliance of Michael Myers from the original Halloween franchise (and one of the things that the Zombie re-makes ruined) where reasons are almost inconsequential.  Myers was just born evil… and maybe the Joker was too but we’ll never find out.


More fun (and scary) than the villains who have an unexplained desire to create chaos and destruction are the baddies who have a purpose.  A target for their carnage inducing actions which results in unintended and intended consequences.  An overlooked villain, one of the worst in my book, is the man responsible for an entire island being overrun by carnivorous, extinct reptiles.  The reason?  Money.  Needing money for what’s only described as “financial problems” Dennis Nedry unwittingly unleashes dinosaurs from their captive habitats on a group of unsuspecting people including two children.

Should Dennis get credit due to the fact that his actions weren’t intentional in anyone dying?  Absolutely not – he took a risk that he knew was tremendously dangerous with disastrous effects if it went wrong – which it did – and he did it for only selfish reasons.  He decided to sell dinosaur embryos to a competitor and put everyone at risk for gains that would only aid him. Was it a truly evil act?  Well, arguments can be made, but he certainly knew what he was doing was illegal and extremely dangerous.


Dennis Nedry deserves the blood on his hands for everyone who perished due to the dinosaur outbreak.  Just because he died before he had a chance to answer for his crimes does not make him any less heinous.  Just because his slapstick actions that follow his initial dastardly move were hilarious that doesn’t make him any less villainous.  People give all the credit to the dinosaurs for being the bad guys in Jurassic Park when in fact they were just acting on instinct and natural.  No, the real scoundrel of the dino blockbuster was Dennis Nedry.


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