Audubon Wednesday!

The Eastern Bluebird

The Eastern Bluebird

I have discussed the Eastern Bluebird before – even shown the picture above a few times before, but what can I say?  It’s the best shot I was able to take! I did get a few shots that day but they were quick flashes of the berry bushes they were eating from.  The Eastern Bluebird is also the first bird I actively sought out to get a peek at.

Christmas '14 085

When I began to go birding it wasn’t something I thought I’d do as a real hobby – I was just enjoying watching these animals in nature.  It wasn’t until I was told that there were these birds at my local duck pond that I took my daughter to see them.  We were lucky and saw the Wood Duck that day – a tale I told earlier – but I went that day to see these little cobalt puffballs!

birdandhulkandtone 067

To get a better idea about how much cropping I had to do to get a better picture of these little guys let me show you an un-cropped photo:

birdandhulkandtone 070

And, keep in mind, I don’t have a great camera with a zoom lens – that’s why most of my pics are… well, what they are.  But I don’t make excuses – most of the time birding I don’t even bring my camera.  I just enjoy seeing the birds.  I was lucky this day though…

birdandhulkandtone 073

birdandhulkandtone 077

On a trip to the Oliver Mill Pond Park I was lucky enough to get another glimpse at this bird – that at one point was a rarity to see in MA – but thanks to all the people who put up birdhouses near fresh water lakes these guys are making appearances again all over.

birdandhulkandtone 080

The great thing about this little bird is the brilliant colors – only rivaled by the male Cardinal’s vibrant crimson hue – they are a striking sight against the blankness of the snow.  I was psyched to have a chance to get another peek at this bird – and hope to have many more chances in the future – but for now, the us all I have to show!  Hope you enjoyed!

birdandhulkandtone 085

birdandhulkandtone 087

birdandhulkandtone 089


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