Coming to Terms Saturday


I’ve try never to get political on this blog.  I feel like my time is better spent than throwing my hat into the ring for a battle that neither side is willing to admit is majorly flawed.  I would rather not bang my head against the wall arguing with people who have had their minds made up and refuse to see any other side than the one that they have deemed as correct.  The problem for me is when facts get completely ignored… as in the case for this President and the job he has done for this country.  This is a blog that is truly insignificant as I get very little hits a day and it’s meant more as a personal diary that I can look back on.  So, in that vein, I’d like to look back, be it as a retiree just enjoying my life with my wife, and know that I was in support of a President who truly has earned all of my respect.

He truly seems to be fighting for the people of this country and even against insurmountable odds and a constant push back from his opponents he continues to try his hardest to fight the good fight. At some point people should look back and see that practically every promise that the President’s opponent made was delivered by the President himself.  If you can’t look at the state that the country is in and see the good  – even through political lines – then you have to admit, even if it’s to just yourself, that you blindly hate, hate that the country is winning because it’s not “your team” getting the credit.  It shouldn’t be that way – when things are going well we should revel in the good times – not find ways to twist the facts and make all the issues heading in the right direction seem like an insignificance.

So, I just want to take a moment to say thank you, thank you to the President for all he has done, all he is trying to accomplish and everything he still may do.  I support people, not on political lines, but for the person who seems to want the best for the people of this country.


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