Bound Wednesday!

book 002

I was supposed to read this book in High School – but I was not in the right mind to take in such a classic brevity of genius.  I am happy that I rediscovered this brilliant piece of literature later in life – much after I graduated – and actually finding the copy that was loaned to me by the school, no less!  I guess I just never turned it in.  I’m sure it was replaced monetarily meanwhile the physical copy resided in a ditched knapsack shoved into my childhood closet.

book 001

When cleaning out said closet, my father told me that it was his favorite book.  I think that was the push I needed to crack this open and dive into the fulgent narration of Holden Caulfield as he leaves/ is dismissed from his preppy institution of learning and traveling home.  Meetings with the people he comes in contact with along the way makes you furious and laugh out loud many times over.  Since the first time I read this I make it a yearly ritual to break this out and revisit one of the greatest pieces of literature that has ever been released.

And for your reading pleasure, one of my favorite excerpts:



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