Audubon Friday!

groot birds and hulk 003

groot birds and hulk 004

I can’t explain to any non-birders the feeling you get when you notice a bird that you previously had not seen suddenly appears.  It’s exhilarating.  It really is!  Noticing a bird that you’ve never had the chance to peer before has a thrill attached to it that I can only imagine is as exciting as finding a rare comic book or scoring a goal in a soccer match.  One of the truly great things being that there is no end game, though, to birding.  Even though stealing a glance at something new is always electrifying there is always another bird out there to see.

groot birds and hulk 005

Thousands and thousands of species of birds – some so similar that the only differences may be a slight feather, color variation, a minuscule size differential – sometimes impossible to see from afar.  Take the pictures of the bird in this post.  It’s of a Common Red Poll which shares the look and shape of some different kinds of Sparrows.  The only real and noticeable difference is the striking red spot on the top of its head – and the slight red shading it has on its chest.  Something I could easily have missed if not for my trusty binoculars!

groot birds and hulk 006

These pics were taken in Francestown, NH and they were taken through a window and screen.  That’s why they don’t look the best.  I tried to catch a little bit more when I went outside but the little bugger flew off – just like I thought he would.  No matter – I was able to get a few shots nonetheless and another bird is checked off the list!

groot birds and hulk 007

groot birds and hulk 009


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