I Can Build What I Want Tuesday!



There is a sort of joy that Legos still bring me – and millions of kids all over the world. Back in the day you used to get a set with many colored bricks and a set of instructions that showed you the many multitude of things that you could build. But today we have sets dedicated to many movies and cartoons we’ve loved as kids! Marvel has some of the most fun and sets with the more eclectic mixes of characters around.



If you’ve ever followed my other blog here then you’re already aware of my love for the Hulk – so I’m just showcasing some of the Hulk sets I have had the pleasure of purchasing and building in the past few years.

lego 5

lego 012

There is the Lego Hulk and the original Avengers set, the new Hulkbuster set and even a Burglary at the Hydra Fortress Set. With all of these fantastic sets to choose from you should go our right now and buy one!  Unless of course you are reading this when all the stores are closed.  Then just wait until the stores open in the morning.  Don’t go breaking into a store and then blame me saying I told you to do it!  That just won’t fly!

lego 016

I am just psyched to get all these different Hulks as part of the new Marvel releases. If this post does anything I hope it reinvigorates the child in some of you out there to pick up some Legos and play like you did when you were between the ages of 5-12.  Then write me a thank you in the comments… because I’m one of those people who needs accolades in order to feel a sense of self worth.

lego 019

lego 006

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