Audubon Thursday!

Christmas '14 094

One of the most beautiful and decorative water fowl that Massachusetts offers is the make Wood Duck.  Odd that the most impressive ducks has one of the most mundane titles.  From the dramatic mane, the bright red eyes and the vivacious colors the Wood Duck commands attention from anyone who has the pleasure of seeing this superb creature.

My daughter and I set out, in early January, to our local duck pond because there were reports that the Eastern Bluebird were making appearances there.  A bird a I had been actively seeking out to get a peek at.  With tremendous luck on our side we weren’t there long before I spotted flashes of blue in the berry bushes.  Sure enough – the Eastern Bluebird I was promised.

The Eastern Bluebird

The Eastern Bluebird

Being on a natural high from seeing the elusive Bluebird my daughter asked if we could take a walk on the bridge.  I was more than happy to take her over and stare into the sea of Mallards that always litter the pond.  Among the green-headed water birds was smaller specimen.  It took me a moment to focus and shake the high off to see that the little duck gliding around the larger counterparts was actually the Wood Duck.

Christmas '14 100

birding 1'15 002

I think I even shouted out “That’s a Wood Duck!” and not one person on the bridge with me had a fuck to give.  Even my daughter was more interested in watching the humongous Mute Swans than seeing this anomaly bird sighting.  Within weeks though, plenty of photography clubs, birders and casual observers visited the duck pond just to catch a glimpse of this notable fowl.

birding 1'15 023

Christmas '14 098 - Copy


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