Open Letter Tuesday

Dear Hanna and Barbera,

As a child, I enjoyed Tom and Jerry more than any other cartoon.  Something about the constant abuse yet the symbiotic relationship between the two frenemies continued to draw me in.  I even appreciated that the abuse was never one sided.  Sure, Jerry had a way of coming out on top most of the time – but it’s not like he escaped each episode unscathed!  My favorite, by far, though was the 1944 opus “The Bodyguard”.


A quick recap, if your memory has lapsed, is that Jerry took pity on Spike, who, unfortunately, had been nabbed by the local dog catcher.  Jerry sets the pup free and in return he is at Jerry’s beck and call whenever he needs him.  Well, hilarity ensues as Tom continues to pursue Jerry but is constantly stopped by Spike’s heavy hand.  The cartoon ends with Spike once again caught by the animal officer but Jerry cannot free him this time.


As much as I loved this issue there is one glaring plot hole that, to this day, bothers the heck out of me.  You see, in the start the dog catcher used a simple piece of wood to lock his van.  You can see what I mean here:


This is how Jerry was able get the bulldog free – but in the end Jerry is out of luck in freeing Spike because the dog catcher has replaced the wooden stake with a brand new, solid metal lock.  See here:


Here’s my question: Are you trying tell me that this municipal worker whose budget is governed by the state was able to catch Spike, drive him back to the pound only to realize he has lost the dog (and his ability to lock the back door because the humongous wooden splinter is gone too), complained to his superior about needing a new and better way to secure the back of his van, was told by said supervisor to fill out a purchase order to be granted the funds to buy a brand new, state of the art, lock.  He then filled out the multiple forms of requesting the money, it went through the appropriate channels and was approved, the officer was then called back into his superior’s office and was given the news, congratulated on being able to navigate the cluttered waters on what is government regulated funding, he THEN drives to the local hardware store and talks to the long-winded clerk on which lock would be appropriate for his needs.  He’s then able to narrow down his choice from the handful that the clerk has offered as “the best he has in stock”, not choosing, of course, the one he said he would use but instead opting for the one that matches the hinged joint on his truck.  Leaving the hardware store, you are going to have me believe, the officer was then able to locate the SAME wayward dog, catch him, put him in the back of the van and start heading back to the pound ALL IN THE MATTER OF HOURS?  A single afternoon?  Are you mad?  Why not let a few days go by?  That would be more realistic!  This is hog wash!  Hog wash, I tell you!


Thank you for taking the time in reading this letter and for your timely response.

All the best, Ratchet


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