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let-it-ride-movie-poster SPOILERS: This blog post talks about a movie and contains plenty of spoilers – if you don’t want to know spoilers then don’t read this post – as it does, in fact, contain spoilers.  If you read it anyways and complain about spoilers you are an asshole.  I told already about the spoilers.  A few times. I can’t even begin the sheer pleasure it was to come home from school and tuning into HBO (there was only one HBO at this time… not 13) and seeing the Richard Dreyfuss opus “Let it Ride” on the television.  If you’ve never seen this film then you should stop reading now and go watch it.  I’m not sure if it’s on Netflix (I don’t Netflix) but I would be shocked to learn it isn’t.  Everyone I know fondly remembers this movie and I have yet to meet someone who outright hated it.  The amazing part of this movie – besides Jennifer Tilly’s dress being as tight as it was – is the fact that every character makes this movie better.  Even the cantankerous window ticket seller, played by the ever hilarious Robbie Coltrane, makes this movie such a memorable piece of 80’s cinema history. let-it-ride David Johansen as the ever down on his luck Looney is the best friend you both love and hate and wonder how it is you haven’t killed him yet.  The moment that Dreyfuss’ Trotter finally lets loose on Looney in an honest but harsh tirade is both hilarious and heartbreaking.  You want Looney to get a clue but you don’t want his feelings hurt.  Trotter’s ever suffering wife, Pam, played by Teri Garr is also a character you both feel for and want to slap in the face and shake her out of her nagging habits.  Even still, when she gives up on Trotter and decides to live the rest of her life in a drunken stupor you strive for her to turn around and have a little faith that, for once, Trotter might know what he’s doing. letitride_still1 There’s always something so satisfying to watch a story about a loser having a turn of luck.  The underdog who suddenly rises out of his funk and wins over unbeatable odds.  This is one of those perfect 80’s movies that leaves you smiling when the credits roll.  Grade: B let_it_ride_movie

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