Celluloid Thursday


We will never know what would have happened if Tom Selleck was allowed out of his contract to be Indiana Jones – but I, for one, am so glad they didn’t.  Magnum P.I. was easily one of my favorite 80’s television.  I don’t buy into the idea that Higgins was Robin Masters – but that theory does exist out there.  It was a constant subject on the show as well – but like I said, I don’t buy it.  The show plays better to me with the thought that Robin and Higgins were two separate entities.  Everyone who watched this show always fondly remembers the amazing fourth season opener “Home from the Sea” – some even attest to the idea that this episode was the best of the series.  For me, nothing is better than the Simon and Simon crossover in season 3, “Ki’is Don’t Lie”.

I do hope we see a Magnum P.I. movie in the future.  It would kick all sorts of ass especially if Selleck makes an appearance!


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