Audubon Wednesday

March 14 031 - Copy

March 14 019 - Copy

March 14 021

March 14 018 - Copy

Seeing the larger birds is always pretty amazing to see.  Especially when you consider how graceful they are in takeoff and in flight.  The fowl above is a Great Blue Heron spotted in Carver back in 2014.  It strolled around the cranberry bog in the mist as I crept closer to take these pics.  It wouldn’t let mt get too close – but it was a pretty amazing day.

Below is a juvenile Black Capped Night Heron.  Taken at the Grist Mill in Plymouth, this young bird should not have been around my part of the globe.  The winter sets in and these birds are supposed to migrate elsewhere to the south but for reasons unknown to me this little guy was left behind.  He stayed at the near the pond for a few weeks but has disappeared now.  I must say, the ability to hide in plain sight was pretty impressive – he blended so well it was almost impossible to see him.

birding 1'15 026

birding 1'15 020

birding 1'15 031

birding 1'15 029 - Copy

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