Aueter Tuesday

CCF03042012_0001I can’t think of many director’s whose influence over the movie industry as a whole was so powerful and everlasting – but then there’s Hitchcock.  There are stories about this man spanning his entire career – but one that sticks with me is from an actor who appeared in his weekly Alfred Hitchcock Presents.  This actor appeared in the show as a young buck and, apparently, could not stand still for the scene.  Hitchcock called cut then calmly walked over to the fidgety boy and whispered to him in a breathy voice “If you don’t (loud inhale) stand still (loud inhale) I will nail your feet (loud inhale) to the floor on the next take.”  Then he walked back to his chair and called action.  The child didn’t move.

The man knows how to get what he wants from an actor.


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