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Scribbling Tuesday!

We're gonna need a bigger boat!

We’re gonna need a bigger boat!

Free style drawing… obviously being influenced by what my viewing choices are.



Audubon Monday!

jgmill 011

I’ve seen the Double Crested Cormorant so many times by now that they’ve become common place.  It’s almost too much of a shame though because this is an impressive and interesting water fowl.  The “drying” pose has been described, by my mother in law, as the Karate Kid pose.  While it does have a Daniel-San sort of vibe to it it’s also what makes this bird just so unique.

jgmill 010

birdandhulkandtone 030

Unlike most ducks, Cormorants need to dry their wings by opening them up and waiting for the sun to completely dry them.  If you’ve ever seen this act in person you’d see just how funny it is to see a bird stand on the rocks with it’s wings wide open – yet it doesn’t do anything more.  It’s the equivalent, to me, to a person standing there with their mouth wide open.

birdandhulkandtone 031


Audubon Friday!

groot birds and hulk 003

groot birds and hulk 004

I can’t explain to any non-birders the feeling you get when you notice a bird that you previously had not seen suddenly appears.  It’s exhilarating.  It really is!  Noticing a bird that you’ve never had the chance to peer before has a thrill attached to it that I can only imagine is as exciting as finding a rare comic book or scoring a goal in a soccer match.  One of the truly great things being that there is no end game, though, to birding.  Even though stealing a glance at something new is always electrifying there is always another bird out there to see.

groot birds and hulk 005

Thousands and thousands of species of birds – some so similar that the only differences may be a slight feather, color variation, a minuscule size differential – sometimes impossible to see from afar.  Take the pictures of the bird in this post.  It’s of a Common Red Poll which shares the look and shape of some different kinds of Sparrows.  The only real and noticeable difference is the striking red spot on the top of its head – and the slight red shading it has on its chest.  Something I could easily have missed if not for my trusty binoculars!

groot birds and hulk 006

These pics were taken in Francestown, NH and they were taken through a window and screen.  That’s why they don’t look the best.  I tried to catch a little bit more when I went outside but the little bugger flew off – just like I thought he would.  No matter – I was able to get a few shots nonetheless and another bird is checked off the list!

groot birds and hulk 007

groot birds and hulk 009


One Sentence Review Thursday


Sex Tape (2014)
Starring: Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz

Sex Tape was as unfunny and cringe-worthy as, I’d imagine, an actual sex tape featuring Cameron Diaz would be.

Hey it’s a – WHAT THE?!?!? Wednesday

statue 4What is that little girl read… HOLY!  What is in that little girl’s book?!?!?!


I Can Build What I Want Tuesday!



There is a sort of joy that Legos still bring me – and millions of kids all over the world. Back in the day you used to get a set with many colored bricks and a set of instructions that showed you the many multitude of things that you could build. But today we have sets dedicated to many movies and cartoons we’ve loved as kids! Marvel has some of the most fun and sets with the more eclectic mixes of characters around.



If you’ve ever followed my other blog here then you’re already aware of my love for the Hulk – so I’m just showcasing some of the Hulk sets I have had the pleasure of purchasing and building in the past few years.

lego 5

lego 012

There is the Lego Hulk and the original Avengers set, the new Hulkbuster set and even a Burglary at the Hydra Fortress Set. With all of these fantastic sets to choose from you should go our right now and buy one!  Unless of course you are reading this when all the stores are closed.  Then just wait until the stores open in the morning.  Don’t go breaking into a store and then blame me saying I told you to do it!  That just won’t fly!

lego 016

I am just psyched to get all these different Hulks as part of the new Marvel releases. If this post does anything I hope it reinvigorates the child in some of you out there to pick up some Legos and play like you did when you were between the ages of 5-12.  Then write me a thank you in the comments… because I’m one of those people who needs accolades in order to feel a sense of self worth.

lego 019

lego 006

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I am GROOT! Friday



Went to Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, NH today and saw this monstrosity hanging out.  I was told it’s made from $300 of materials found at a local Home Depot.  Now that is mad skillz!


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Audubon Thursday!

Christmas '14 094

One of the most beautiful and decorative water fowl that Massachusetts offers is the make Wood Duck.  Odd that the most impressive ducks has one of the most mundane titles.  From the dramatic mane, the bright red eyes and the vivacious colors the Wood Duck commands attention from anyone who has the pleasure of seeing this superb creature.

My daughter and I set out, in early January, to our local duck pond because there were reports that the Eastern Bluebird were making appearances there.  A bird a I had been actively seeking out to get a peek at.  With tremendous luck on our side we weren’t there long before I spotted flashes of blue in the berry bushes.  Sure enough – the Eastern Bluebird I was promised.

The Eastern Bluebird

The Eastern Bluebird

Being on a natural high from seeing the elusive Bluebird my daughter asked if we could take a walk on the bridge.  I was more than happy to take her over and stare into the sea of Mallards that always litter the pond.  Among the green-headed water birds was smaller specimen.  It took me a moment to focus and shake the high off to see that the little duck gliding around the larger counterparts was actually the Wood Duck.

Christmas '14 100

birding 1'15 002

I think I even shouted out “That’s a Wood Duck!” and not one person on the bridge with me had a fuck to give.  Even my daughter was more interested in watching the humongous Mute Swans than seeing this anomaly bird sighting.  Within weeks though, plenty of photography clubs, birders and casual observers visited the duck pond just to catch a glimpse of this notable fowl.

birding 1'15 023

Christmas '14 098 - Copy