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Prepossessing Friday


I am ever grateful that I get to travel all over New England and visit so many towns – and even better, getting to soak in the magnificent sights that this state has to offer.  This is a shot from the Hull Highschool – you can see straight to Boston.  I wish I remembered my actual camera – this was taken with my phone – but you can still get the point of how amazing staring out into the vastness of the Atlantic.

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Audubon Wednesday!

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5 years ago when I bought my house I added a simple bird feeder on the side of my yard.  Hung from a low branch, it lasted about 20 minutes before the squirrels tore it apart.  I learned from that and bought a better feeder.  It lasted a week.  I’ve learned from the 3 or 4 other feeders I bought after that and sure enough landed on a couple that the squirrels couldn’t seem to penetrate.  After that, I included a bird bath and a stone bench.  My little bird sanctuary was born.

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My neighborhood is littered with American Robins, Cardinals, Blue Jays and Sparrows.  Those birds I knew my whole life – but it was the other birds that began to visit the feeders, the juncos, warblers, cowbirds, nut hatches, creepers, titmouse, baltimore oriles and even the grackles that got my attention.  I could not believe how many different birds there are!


birding 1'15 015

I continued to log all the birds, even buying a bird book to identify the ones I’d never seen before.  The more I learned the more I enjoyed watching and seeking out all the different perching birds and water fowl that MA has to offer.  This being winter, a lot of the feathered friends are elsewhere – but a whole new flock are hanging out.  In this post are some of the birds I’ve seen recently and below is the list of birds I spotted during the Big Backyard Bird Count:

Christmas '14 081

Double Crested Cormamont
American Coot
Horned Grebe
Common Merganser
Red Breasted Merganser
Hooded Merganser
Great backed gull
Ring billed gull
Herring gull
Rock pigeon
Canadian goose
Common Eider
American black duck
Laughing gull
American Robin
Song Sparrow
Dark eyed Junco
Eastern Bluebird

antone1 014 - Copy

More pics will follow and more birds too.

“Dropping” Truth Nuggets Tuesday


It’s okay to admit it – when you’re home alone and some food accidently hits the ground – you totally pick it up and eat it.  Especially if it’s a Cool Ranch Dorito!  You can’t tell me you’re wasting that slice of deliciousness!

Bi-Polar Corn Tuesday!


I love how the bottom of my corn is all neat and orderly and the top is like “Fuck that noise!”

Life Snapshot Monday!

image image image

I think the acceptable term is selfie – but what can I say?  I pave my own ways.  Antone and I hanging out after vacuuming.


Call Box Survivors Monday!


You don’t see public phones very much anymore.  When I do see one I feel as though I’ve seen a ghost.  A thing from the past that does not belong in today’s society – but for some reason it feels good to see it.  Like a reminder of how good we had it.  Of course, these are not traditional phone booths but they are all that are left around here.  Taken in Buzzards Bay, Maphb 2


Starting Over…

kid inside

I’ve been ever frustrated with the blogs I run and how little attention this blog was getting – the one that I really held close to my heart.  I am starting over completely and combining the other blogs into just this one.  I will be able to show off my cartoons (without comment) and also do what I’ve always imagined for this blog – which is share my life.  So, you will see a lot of what you saw already in the beginning, sprinkled with new posts here and there, until I am caught up.  I feel better about this approach than the way I have been handling things in the past.  Enjoy everyone!